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The Arthur Group provide services to a range of organisations, in a range of industries.

We undergo differing levels of familiarisation or customisation according to client needs.

The Arthur Group form long-term relationships with clients, because of the abilities of our people, to listen, to understand and to deliver services appropriate to our client’s culture and context.

Facilitated Workshops are designed specifically to meet the client objectives, and The Arthur Group undergo an appropriate familiarisation process prior to the workshop.

for a Project Management Course may include: 

  •  Familiarisation with relevant Project Management process, templates, policy, procedures – the Framework or Methodology the client utilises. 
  •  Familiarisation with current culture, with regard to Project Management practice within the organisation. 
  •  Awareness of desired practices, as perceived by relevant internal personnel. 
  • Familiarisation with the type of projects our participants may be undertaking, to allow development of case studies.

This process includes review of documentation and meetings with nominated organisational personnel.

activities can vary in extent and The Arthur Group work with the client to determine the most effective approach. For example: 

  •  Development or Review of Project Management Methodology 
  •  Development of internal Project Management Manual, based on organisational practice  
  •  Design and delivery of Project Induction Workshops – introducing project practitioners to the organisations Project Management Methodology  
  • Customised workshop delivery 
  • Development of a customised assessment process 
  • Design and delivery of customised Professional Development Workshops - for example Australia Pacific Projects (APP) – specifically for further developing experienced and qualified project managers, in the organisational learnings on the management of projects.

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