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RegPM Certification
The Arthur Group’s Assessors are accredited RegPM Assessors with the AIPM.

The AIPM’s Registered Project Manager (RegPM) certification program involves completion of the AIPM’s Assessment Record Book that shows the applicant is competent at one of four levels –

          CPPM        See our RegPM Levels page 
          CPSPM       for more detail on each of these. 
The process involved in getting your RegPM Certification  …… Please note a new process will be in place from 1 April 2016.  Please see AIPM for details.

1. Become a member of AIPM.

The fee for application to become a AIPM member is between $500 and $530, depending on which level of membership you decide on and your level of experience. This is payable to AIPM 
(more information on membership on the AIPM membership page).

2. Complete the AIPM’s RegPM Online Application form.

The Fee for this is a $180.00 application fee, payable to the AIPM. This is payable online as part of the application process.

3. Contact The Arthur Group and complete Assessment Application.

The assessment fee is payable to The Arthur Group and is separate to AIPM charges. See below for pricing details & links to application forms.  You will then be emailed the Assessment Record Book (ARB), which details the requirements.  The ARB response template will assist in completing the assessment.

4. Complete the Assessment Record Book (ARB)

Contact The Arthur Group's RegPM Assessor for clarification and discussions to assist in completion of the ARB as required.  You will need to provide satisfactory responses and evidence of project management practices as per the requirements detailed in the ARB.

5. Submit your ARB to The Arthur Group for assessment.
You may submit the ARB to The Arthur Group in either hard or soft copy format.  

6. The Assessor submits a completed assessment report to the AIPM.

If the Assessor requires clarification of your responses, or additional evidence, they will contact you directly.  

Once the RegPM Assessment is completed, the Assessor will write an Assessment Report and submit to AIPM for validation at the applicable RegPM level. (It takes between 2-4 weeks to receive your certificate if you have completed all steps 1-5 correctly.)

7. Receive your certificate from AIPM along with your name placed on the AIPM’s RegPM online register.  

If you submitted your ARB and evidence in hard copy (via mail), this will be returned to you.  You RegPM certification is valid for 3 years and is subject to continued financial membership of AIPM.

8. Recertification.

You need to recertify every three years, which can be done using AIPM’s CPD points. If you are unable to accrue enough CPD points for recertification, a partial or full assessment option is available.  Please see the recertification page for more information.  If your certification period has expired (usually current for 3 years), you should speak to the certification team at AIPM, as they may require you to complete a full assessment, satisfying currency requirements.


Full Assessment & Report  - $1200 (incl GST) for CPPP, CPPM & CPPD levels, and $1650 (incl GST) for CPPE.

Assessment Report for The Arthur Group Students - $660 incl GST (includes assessment of additional Gap Criteria for CPPM & CPPD levels)

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