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REGPM Levels
You must be a fully paid AIPM member at associate, member or fellow level to participate in the RegPM program.

The RegPM certification levels are as follows:  

   CPPP Certified Practising Project Practitioner 
  • Suitable for a team member who works on projects, contributes to projects plans and participates in team meetings.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years experience is required in this role.
  CPPM Certified Practising Project Manager 
  • The Project Manager plans projects, manages teams and implements projects in consultation with higher authorities.
  • A minimum of 3-5 years experience is required in this role.
  CPSPM Certified Practising Senior Project Manager 
  • The Senior Project Manager is the 'go to' person who manages difficult and high risk projects that have the potential to impact the organisation and key stakeholders.
  • You must have completed the CPPM certification before you can apply for the CPSPM level certification.

  CPPD Certified Practising Project Director 
  • A Project Director typically directs entire programs made up of a number of smaller projects.
  • A minimum of 3-5 years experience is required in this role.

  CPPE Certified Practising Portfolio Executive
  • The Portfolio Executive monitors a series of projects and evaluates which ones are most beneficial in light of the whole organisation's strategy.  

For accreditation or certification at one of these levels, the AIPM’s RegPM certification program involves completion of an Assessment Record Book (ARB). Completion of the ARB involves answering a multitude of questions on recognised Project Management theory as well as providing a logbook of evidence supporting competence.

The completed ARB must be assessed by an AIPM Accredited Assessor, who then prepares a detailed report for submission to the AIPM. The Assessors’ report summarises the results of their assessment and recommends the appropriate level of RegPM accreditation for the applicant.

The Arthur Group assessors are accredited RegPM Assessors with the AIPM. Please see our Application & Assessment page for more information and a link to our application form.

If you have recently completed a Project Management qualification, you will be able to use your assessment as contribution to your evidence in assessment for the RegPM. You can use your. You will still need the applicable experience before being considered for accreditation. See our Application & Assessment page for more information.

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