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Project Induction Courses

What is it?

This course is a targeted introduction to organisational project management methodologies. It communicates the organisational project management methodology, the way the organisation wishes it to be used, governance processes and supported tools.

In some cases, Project Induction Courses are short 2-3 hour sessions, focusing only on internal project management processes.

In other cases, project management principles, concepts and techniques are also included. These courses may be one to three-day sessions.

Who is it for?

This course is for organisations, which need their methodology and approach to delivering projects, clearly communicated throughout the project management community.

The audience to the Project Induction Sessions are the project management community – all levels benefit from a familiarisation with the organisational way of managing projects.

How does it work?

The Arthur Group and client work together to develop an effective way to get the right messages out to the project management community.

After we have designed the course, we generally pilot, make amendments and roll the course out to the project management community.

Some of our organisations have made this introduction or induction mandatory for project practitioners – both internal and under contract.

Some of our organisations provide an internal subject matter expert, to field specific questions.

Why bring in The Arthur Group?

Our facilitators are professional and experienced, in both education, facilitation and project management. Our facilitators provide an interesting and motivating presentation, ensuring the right messages are delivered, in a compelling and interesting manner.

Our facilitators are consistent. For example, we have delivered Project Induction Courses to one of our major clients, since 2006. Our facilitator has consistently delivered the session, with client representative, to over 1000 members of the client’s project community. The client representative has changed over the years, The Arthur Group still provide the same experienced facilitator to the client. Consistency is maintained.

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